Private Dog Training

Due to time constraints and special circumstances, some owners will want/require private lessons, more suited to their needs. These lessons will all start in your home. Private lessons initially ALL start one on one and vary with degrees of challenge. 

They address the standard curriculum in addition to other training issues you may be experiencing at home. Over time, private lessons move from the home into more distracting settings to maximize the skill building process and ready you and your dog for real world interaction. Often we incorporate the use of other experienced handlers and or dogs. Private lessons are commonly required for new handlers before moving into group classes to ensure the safety and learning ability of everyone.

What can I expect?

  • Per session lessons, that may last 60-90min. depending on situation, in your home or nearby setting
  • Learn foundational, basic exercises, the building blocks to real world training
  • Customized teaching to your needs
  • Lessons taught on your schedule in your area