Dog Boarding & Training with Pack Therapy and Socials

Developing owners and dogs together is essential to their relationship. Conventionally, a board and train program removes the dog from a normal living environment into an intense training atmosphere unlike their future life with their owners. Training your pet is as much about educating you as it is teaching your dog. Your skills convey leadership capabilities or lack there of to the dog. Therefore, boarding and training most dogs for purposes of companions, can create large learning gaps between handlers and dog(s) and sets unrealistic expectations on both especially regarding the owners catching up to the dogs. This does not typically refer to a 3-4 mo. long board and train program for hunting dogs.

We offer a similar service we feel maintains the integrity of learning together as a team. Our Board and Prep Program offers the dog / handler team a jump-start where dogs live in a home training environment with one of our professionals. This service is only offered with a commitment to training your dog through The Thinking Dog Training System upon return. The Board and Prep Program typically lasts 7-14 days. This program also gives our trainer a better understanding of the dog and allows for better coaching of the team.

Benefits of Board and Prep:

  • Provide dog with introduction to fundamental life skills and vocabulary
  • Speeds rate of results for handler in classes
  • Dogs learn expected home behavior around children, adults, and other dogs
  • Teaches social skills and manners
  • Utilize crate training
  • Emphasis proper bathroom habits