Dog Training Rooted in Positive Reinforcement and Attention 

The Thinking Dog Academy relies on a proven and rewarding system to create the canine companion you've always wished for but didn't know exactly how to get. Delivered to you through detailed coaching, we provide results & reliability for the real world. We understand that dogs are thinking, reasoning entities that are capable of making choices. Teaching you how to clearly communicate and become a teacher to your dog, together we create a dog who learns to properly think and reason his way through situations. We create a dog who is empowered with control over himself and learns freedom of choice through the art of good decision-making, not just conditioning to patterns of response. Success is 80% teaching of owners how to live with and become teachers to their dogs. You have to live with your dog, not the trainer.


Rooted in the Institute of Canine Behavior Therapy

The Thinking Dog System goes beyond the traditional treat based training approach which weakens under pressure and distraction. Food rewards will teach your dog to be lured, not leadership. And it fails to address the root of canine behavior and mentality, relationship building with their human partner. Born out of the unique and effective style of obedience training pioneered by Bud Brownhill, the Thinking Dog System creates a balanced-minded attentive dog that sees himself as a Jr. partner in the relationship and is capable of excelling beyond your expectations. By creating a focused dog through teachings of how to become a seeker of praise and consistency, these technique teach dog owners how to train their dog not to be just a pet, but a partner. Dog's thrive with the system's balanced curriculum of lifestyle adjustments, communication techniques, exercises and nutrition that are at the root of the Thinking Dog System. 

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