The Thinking Dog Obedience Training 

Here at Club Canine we feel that having an enjoyable and trustworthy dog is no longer optional in today’s society, it’s a MUST. As innovators in the world of dog training, our elevated standards are needed in order to save lives. What good is dog training if it fails to keep your pet safe and alive in a real world situation? Max should understand that not jumping on people is not optional. What about when he’s headed for a busy street? He should stop and return the FIRST time he hears his name. Not only do we demand more of our dogs in social settings and have an increased risk to accidental dog deaths in urban settings, but accidental dog bites can now result in felony criminal charges in the state of Texas.


A Proven Training System for You and Your Dog 

Training you and your dog through our proven system will teach you how to become a successful working team, especially where conventional “pet dog training” approaches have failed both in the past. NO bribes, gimmicks or gadgets here. NO submissive or dominated dogs either. Just fair and balanced leadership resulting in a confident, respected and trusting relationship. Teaching clear communication for real world reliability and providing you and your dog with a true and complete BASIC OBEDIENCE program is what we deliver. Don’t be mislead, not all “basic” obedience programs are created equal. The basics are the foundation for your relationship with your dog. If the basics are poor, so is the reliability and cooperative nature of the animal.


All Dogs Can Be Thinking Dogs 

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