Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

Dealing with aggressive dog behavior and correcting it properly, requires in depth knowledge and skills in the trainer, owner and dog. Most conventional dog training approaches make these behaviors more severe or only mask them, as they are NOT addressing the true problem. In turn, they make the animal more mentally and physically resistant, only to remand you to a life time of micro management and avoidance techniques to live by. Most dog owners get told this is as good as it will get with this dog. Not being dog experts, many owners take this at face value and lose their dogs or minimally, quality of life with their companion, never attempting again to resolve.

Without a proven system from which to work, owners do more hit and miss experimenting with little to no positive results, only to further the dog's behavioral issues. Without educating owners on understanding what a dog actually is, we cannot teach you how to meet his needs for a successful relationship. Understanding things like the canine system of communication so that learning for both dog and owner can be maximized.

This consult brings together all family members living with the dog for the purpose of functioning as a team. All family members must be on the same page in order for our dogs to efficiently learn. Giving you insight as to why you are dealing with certain undesirable behaviors, how to foster desirable behavior and how to prevent undesirable behavior from being learned, is the first step towards a balanced relationship between you and your dog. In addition, you will be provided with an overall structured management program to follow, which includes specific exercises, techniques, tools and vocabulary to begin practicing for improved communication and cooperative living.

The in home behavior and training consult is a pre requisite for establishing a foundation for future training to be built on. This is also an opportunity for us to assess you and your dog's skills together. While some clients continue on with private lessons or group classes, others are able to form sufficient building blocks from the consultation.