Dog Daycare with Pack Social, Skill Building, & Pack Therapy

Houston’s original canine day care that’s rooted in training, training games, activities and social skill building.

In 2001, our innovative approach to doggy day care began inside Houston’s largest doggy day care facility in the the Mid Town area. Realizing that many dogs were beginning to behaviorally fail out of conventional doggy day care, we were called upon for our experience and expertise as behavior and obedience professionals. We developed an alternative program for those dogs that were highly intelligent and much more independent in their thinking to keep them social, structured, challenged and balanced. Thus, The Thinking Dog System Pack Socials, Therapy and Skill Building was born.This program continued beyond that setting to allow all dogs the opportunity to become successful in social interaction, behavior and manners through our unique approach.

These group activities are somewhat intertwined depending on the dog and their current skills and behavior. While many offer a conventional doggy daycare service, we feel that this is a perfect learning opportunity for teaching, challenging and training. Our goal is to prevent many inappropriate behaviors from being learned. Teaching appropriate skills and behavior for safe, healthy and enjoyable social activities, especially with young dogs, is our vision. Teaching owners how to become the leaders their dogs need, is our goal.

In addition, where many utilize temperament tests for qualifying dogs for social interaction, if your dog fails this temperament test, your dog is just out of luck. We understand that many dogs NEED the social activity but don't possess the skills and emotional stability to participate. By getting involved with your dog using The Thinking Dog System, we can help your dog develop enough confidence that they begin to participate in the Pack Therapy program. This utilizes highly skilled, confident and stable dogs to teach other dogs how to function in a cooperative setting. The stability of the group combined with strong human leadership present, allows for a once unstable dog, the opportunity to socialize in a safe and controlled setting.